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Vanessa & Matthew Williamson  


" I want to live with history under my feet". 

Hi I am Vanessa born in Sydney Australia, I am an Australian  Archaeologist (Pre History), & trained for my speciality at the Australian Museum. To add to the mix I have a university Major in Medieval History. Living in France is a constant joy of surprises as we discover new places to wonder nearly every week. As life time sewer, with interest in the history of Clothing  &  Historical Textiles, I am seeing work only ever previously available online or in books. I am fulfilling my lifetime dream to live in France. I am so excited about sharing the wonderful places we have close by in Pays de Loire, Brittany & Normandy. We live right at the corner of three stunning regions. I want to share this with you so Matt & I have established a beautiful B&B away from the big tourism locations. We hope to welcome you to stay very soon.

Owner L'Hotel de Hercé

Vanessa Williamson


In 1191 Philippe-Auguste announced the Third Crusade calling the men of Maine, "who came running in crowds".  Listed among them was is the  first known Hercé, Guillaume of Hercé, knight Baron.  Eight generations later L'Hotel de Hercé was built by Jean de Hercé Lord of Rigardon, Plessis Colombiers and Coudray and his wife Françoise  Tanquerel, daughter of René Tanquerel: Attorney General of the Duchy of Mayenne.


Builders of the Maison


De Hercé



Hi I am Matt a "country boy" from Glenn Innes NSW Australia. I began life as Surveyor in the Royal Australian Engineers. Later studing a Degree in History at Austraila National University; Canberra. I always been  passionate about Military History since mum bought me by first model soliders when I was little. I contribute Military History  articles for magazines, to my own blogs & on-line Forums. I am always undertaking research. As a lifetime Wargamer I now walk the very battlefields I have played on for decades.  As part of my dream I have established Hercé Salon de Guerre our 18thc War Games Room, it is a stunning  experience wargaming in an 18thc salon with origional timber paneling & 3.80m high ceilings.  We walk the battlefield in the morning & play in the Salon de Guerre in the afternoon. Come and stay with us & experience the dream  living in France. 

Owner l'Hotel de Hercé

Matthew Williamson

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C. 1720 Baron de Hercé built L'Hotel de Hercé which retains the family name to this day.  A special 18thc Hôtel Particulier.  Traditionally a free-standing house, entered via a carriage way, facing into an entrance court with the garden behind. A special feature of L'Hotel de Hercé is the cupola crowning the roof built as an astronomy tower, affording 360 deg views of Mayenne. The 5 sets of windows across the facade denote the home is owned by a noble family. 

         The facade is imposing and divided into three levels, also defined by architectural bands, impressive cornices. The  window dimensions decrease with each level. The house is architecturally simple on the street facade, inside three grand reception salons feature fully panelled decorative woodwork and sculptured panelling. Local history recalls balls being held in the Grand Salon during late 19th century. 

18th Noble families home

L'Hotel de Hercé