Wargaming in the 18thc Hercé Salon de Guerre


28mm -Ancients to Napoleonic's  

20mm-WW1 , WW2,  Modern

1/1200th Naval- Renaissance , Napoleonic, Dreadnaoughts 

Rule Sets

Impetus, SAGA, British Grenadier, General de Brigade, Grand Manner, Rapid Fire, Chain of Command

Board Games

Medieval, 7 years War, Napoleonic, WW1 & 2, Modern, plus family games.   

  • The Longest Day 

    Wargame all Day €125 pp

    Full-Day Wargaming in our Salon de Guerre, Choice of Period and Rule Set

    Terrane, buildings and figures from Matts collection.

    All Games are French historical battles from the ancients to WW2. A full historical outline of the battle is included most have matched Touring options.  

    Price is for single-player, additional players discounts are available. 

  • Afternoon Wargaming

    €89  A relaxing afternoon commencing after lunch 2 pm play to 6 pm Apreos time.  


  • Evening Skirmish Game 

    €45 After dinner Skirmish Game with Matt in the Salon de Guerre. A couple of hours of entertaining gaming, your choice or period, along with a chat with Matt about your favourite periods.

    Time from 8 pm to 10.30 pm 

  • On Campaign 2.5 days

    Blitz Weekends 

    €350 GrandCampaign  Wargame 

    played over 2.5 days One evening + two full days Price for wargame only

    Play one on one with Matt to a group of 4 players. Discounts for Groups

    Choose your period

    Matt will be your umpire and or opposing player.

    Played with Matts private collection of miniatures on our purpose-built table in  "Salon de Guerre".

    Campaign weekend Games are suitable for Skirmish or large battle formats.

  • Introduction to Wargames 

    €89 PP. Fascinating afternoon wargaming, French history.

    Played with the roll of a dice to move your army in battle. Guided every step by your host Matt, see if you can change the outcome of a historic battle.

    Wargames combines Military History,  uniforms and vehicles,  battlefields in miniature. Most of all it a social game and loads of fun.

     Experience French historyfrom Julius Cesar against the Gaul’s, the raiding Vikings, the chivalrous knights, revolutionaries or rebels or even the DDay invasion. For Individuals to families.

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