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2021Mayenne Tourism


Tourism 2021.png

Click for PDF download  

Destination Mayenne  2021 travel highlights magazine

Mayenne tourist guide cover 18.png


2021 map .png

Click here for Pdf Map  2021 

Map Green Pathways and Rivers 

of Velo Francette Cycling 

Tourism Map Region (2)_edited.png

MAP 2021 cycling routes 

2021 Welcome to Mayenne .png

Click link to PDF Guide 2021 Welcome to Mayenne Guide in English. 

map 1.png

Mayenne Pdf Guide 

Rivers Map 2021.png

Click link to PDF Guide 2021 Rivers of West France Guide in English. 

map 1.png

 Map Rivers & Waterways 


Click for Pdf Guide - History of L'Hotel de Hercé & the historic Mayenne


Walking Tour

Mayenne Historic Centre

Map 2021 Mayenne .png

Click link to PDF Guide 2021 Tourist Map of Mayenne 

map 1.png

MAP 2021

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