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L'Hotel de Hercé Booking Terms and Conditions
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Professional website mandatory information individual entrepreneur

  • Enterprise L'Hotel de Hercé Chambre d'Hote

  • Owner Williamson Vanessa and Matthew

  • Address 19 Place de Cheverus, 53100, Mayenne, France 

  • Phone +33 6 45403050

  • Email

  • Owner Operators Vanessa and Matthew Williamson

  • Website editor Vanessa Williamson 

  • Company Name and contact details as above  

Business Activity

  • SIRET  number 849 309 158 000 12

  • Nuréro Fiscal 3034980916149

  • General Conditions of Sale (CGV) see Terms and Conditions PDF Doc above

Information relating to the use of personal data 

Purpose of Cookies

  • To collect and compile Website traffic data

  • Notify the Website manager when the visitor arrives on-site and may use the live chat

  • Notify Website manager of activation of Live Chat requests

  • Cookie consent is obtained when a website visitor clicks the option to accept Cookies,

        the Cookie notification box activated when entering a page on the website. 

  • Refusal option available of Cookies collection in Cookie consent box. 

Data Collection 

  • Contact details for Data Collection Officer Vanessa Williamson contact details provided above 

  • Data Recipient Vanessa and Matthew Williamson

  • The purpose for use of Data Cookies: Cookies provide the website owner with the activity of visitors to the website. Monthly statics data of Web site visitor activity.

  • Legal Basis for Data Cookies consent by website visitor when entering the website 

  • Data Collected 

        Notice to website manager of website activity only while website visitor has pages open. 

        Notice to website manager of visitor country and city of origin      

        Notice of pages being visited by a visitor

        The notice does not identify visitor unless a signed-up member of the site. 

        Blog Data provides the number of readers of individual blogs, but no other data.

        Data provides the total number of site visitors per month no individual visitor data

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