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In Mayenne, Britanny & upper Loire we are surrounded by Late Medieval & Renaissance Chateaus. From 500m to 2 hours drive from L'Hotel de Hercé.

You will enjoy our private guided DayTours of Western France. Across Mayenne, Upper Loire Valley, Brittany & Lower Normandy. 

Enjoy short Half Day Tours visiting, markets, Villages, High Top Medieval Towns, Shopping, Special Textiles Tour, Vintage Finds Tours to name a few. 

 Matt Williamsons leads our Military History Tours from the Gauls & Romans to the Liberation of France in WW2. 

Wargames are the ultimate tabletop game played with the roll of a dice and model soldiers. A game of chance & strategy, you can take up the challenge & see if you can change history.  A study in tactics, logic & strategic thinking, most of all loads of fun. Played on a large table with full set of miniature armies perfect in historical detail. Discover French history as never before. Will you choose Julius Cesar against the Gaul’s, the coming of Charlemagne, The Viking raids and Norman invasion, French Revolution Vendee Rebellion or the DDay liberation against the Germans? All history on the doorstep of l'Hotel de Hercé and Mayenne. A unique way to spend a relaxing afternoon on your holiday.

Our favorite local museums with something for everyone. Cidre tasting to 400,0000 years of prehistory at Sauluges Caves, the history of cheese making in Mayenne, to quirky art at Robert Tatin & Laval Museum. ​

There is great local shopping in central Mayenne & Laval. 

  • Mayenne Markets Local food produce for artisan producers every saturady 8am - 1pm 

  • Mayenne Monday Markets 9am-1pm Clothing, shoes & bags, table wares, food, kitchen items, table cloths ect. 

  • Laval Markets regional food produce from artisan producers every satuday 8am - 1pm 

  • Mayenne fabulous national & local boutiques, Womens fashion, shoes, leather goods, lingerie, beauty, perfumes, Menswear, childrens clothes & shoes, hair dressers, beauty salons, jewellery & fashion accessories, books, homewares.

  • Laval Town centre has a great fashion & homewares shopping.

  • Vintage Shopping Emmaus Laval Open Saturdays & Wednesdays, closed for lunch between 12-2pm

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