Medieval History is full of wars over territory, we  follow the ambitious William II Duke of Normandy as he flexes his military musles to lay claim the Maine border Chateau's of Mayenne, Domfront, & Saint Suzanne. But how successful was he? 

  • Chateau Mayenne Mayenne is a located in an important strategic position, on the borders of Normandy & Brittany & important Roman roads .Built atop a rocky outcrop in a strong defensive position, dominating the river valley. The Carolingian palace (900-920) unique in Europe. The first stone building, probably built by the Counts of Maine, under Carolingian king Charles the Simple. A defensive base to defend against the Bretons, to restore order of Frankish frank power. Exactly as William was doing 150 years later. 
  • Domfront. After our panoramic drive into the high town of Domfront we explore on foot the Chateau precinct and medieval town.
  • Chateau Domfront was built on a high defensive site. The 12th century keep & chapel are from the period of Henry Beauclerc. The ramparts incorporate a uniquely preserved inner corridor pierced with arrow-slits.
  • Chez Denis Brasserie for lunch a classic French bistro popular with locals.
  • Saint Suzanne we will explore the meandering streets of this very special medieval town, visit the ramparts, and the Norman Keep, a rare example of a surviving square Norman keep.
  • Camp de Beugy the earth work fortified siege camp of William the Conquer occupied for 2 years. The Beugi Camp, also known as the “English Camp” is  800 metres from the Saint Suzanne keep. Sainte Suzanne has gone down in history as the only castle that the Conqueror himself never conquered.

A great day out visiting 3 Medieval fortified stronghold Chateaus, all set in spectacular country side.


William the Bastard inherited the title of Duke of Normandy in 1035 age 7. It was a long struggle into his 30s to secure power. By 1060 his rule was secure. 1063 presents William with an advantage in Maine on the southern Normandy borders, with the death of Duke of Anjou. He invades Maine in force, to secure control of an expanded southern border of Normandy. A factor assisting William's invasion of England in 1066. William’s conquest of scorched earth tactics & siege saw one by one the castles of Maine fall. Despite strong resistances to siege from the Count of Anjou, Geoffrey of Mayenne & Hubert de Sainte-Suzanne, he controlled the county by the beginning of 1064.

William the Conqueror in Mayenne

  • Before 1066 Invasion of England William tested his military might in Mayenne, discover this fasinating history é walk in the footsteps of the Medieval armies.