William the Conqueror Seiges in Maine 

A unique opportunity to "walk the battlefield in the morning and wargame in the afternoon"


A fully guided tour of sites seiged by William the Conqueror by historian Matt Williamson. You will then have the pleasure to wargame the seige and battle of Ambriéres in the 18th century Salon de Guerre, at l'Hotel de Hercé. The 27 Châteaux of Maine were seiged consistantly by William between 1049 & 1087

William’s conquest and use of scorched earth tactics & siege saw one by one the castles of Maine fall. Despite strong resistances to siege from the Counts of Anjou, Geoffrey of Mayenne & Hubert de Sainte-Suzanne, he controlled the region by the beginning of 1064. The lords of Maine then participated in the Conquest of England from 1066.

  • Domfront 1048 & 51

  • A 1055 -63 seiges and skirmish

  • Mayenne 1063

  • St Suzanne 1063-84-85


  • Chateau Mayenne 1063 explore the outer bailey, view the strategic location from the ramparts. 

  • Chateau Ambriéres 1055-63 important highly defended river border crossing between Maine & Normandy. The site of the only open battle fought by William in the region.  

  • Chateau Domfront 1048-51 This important Normandy Chateau on its high evelation on rocky precipice commanded 360 deg view of the river plain of the Varenne,   After a coffee stop we will explore on foot the Chateau precinct and medieval town. 

  • Chateau Saint Suzanne High medieval fortified Chateau & 11thc Norman Keep. After lunch we will explore the medieval town, the ramparts, climb the Norman Keep. The only chateau ever to defeat William.

  • William Conquerors 1084 seige camp fortifications outside Saint Suzanne. stunning inscale and survival. 



Upon return we wargame the seige and battle of Ambriéres on a purpose built table with supurbly painted miniatures.



William the Conqueror Seiges

  • Bring your Partner to enjoy beautiful L'Hotel de Herce & Mayenne. French Wragame Holidays at L' Hotel de Hercé are designed for wargamers & partners to attend together.