A full weekend of gaming, ideal for an individual or a small group of players. You just choose your period, We do the rest, We design a campaign with linked games, We design the scenarios, and We umpire the game using quick play rules. Played with supurbly painted miniatures on purpose built table in our grand 18th century "Salon de Guerre" . Campaign weekend suitable for Skirmish or large battle formats.

Touring options available for Battlefield sites with some games.  


Choose from any of the Periods lists in our selection on this page. 

28mm Ancients Celts, Republican Romans, Imperial Romans,  Late Romans, Alamani, Goths, Amoricans, Franks, Sassanids, Sarmations & Huns.

28mm Early Medieval  Goths, Bretons, Franks, Vikings, Normans

28mm Medieval  Fudal Normans, French; Bretons & English

28mm Late Medieval early and late 100 years war Bretons, French & English

28mm Rennaisance Bretons, French, English 

28mm Revolution to Empire Republican French, Royal Catholic Army, English -Napoleonic 1805-12 Imperial French, Austrians, Prussian, Russian & Napoleonic Naval English, Spanish & French

20mm WW2 1940 German, Dutch, Belgian, Polish & French -1944 German, American, English, Polish, French and Russian. 

20mm Modern 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Egyptians, Syrians, Israeli - Warlords Africa 70s-80s  Warlord, UN - Cold War 85 Nato British, West German, American, Sweedish Warpac GDR, Polish, Russian. 



5 - 7 pm: Weekend briefing- game scenario, setup & rules sets

Dinner Break 7-9.00

9.00 -11 pm Opening round of play


Continue Wargame 9 -12pm

Lunch break 12.30 - 2.00pm

Continue WarGame 2 to 6pm

Break for Dinner 7.30 9.30

After dinner relax and in Grand salon or garden


10am - 3 pm: Wargame & debrief


Late afternoon check-out 4pm

Price for WarGaming only 

Min 1 wargamer - Max 3 wargamers

For guests staying at L'Hotel de Hercé 




Wargame Campaign