CAMPAIGN Wargame played over 2.5 days Price wargame only

A 2.5 day wargame for individual to small group of 4 players.

Choose your period

Matt designs your campaign with linked games

Matt designs and prepares the scenarios.

Matt will be your umpire and or opposing player.

Played with Matts private collection of miniatures on purpose built table in our grand 18th century "Salon de Guerre".

Campaign weekend Games are suitable for Skirmish or large battle formats.

Proposed Gaming Schedule


5 - 7 pm: Weekend briefing- game scenario, setup & rules sets

Dinner Break 7-9.00

9.00 -11 pm Opening round of play


Continue Wargame 9 -12pm

Lunch break 12.30 - 2.00pm

Continue WarGame 2 to 6pm

Break for Dinner 7.30 9.30

After dinner relax and in Grand salon or garden


10am - 3 pm: Wargame & debrief

Late afternoon check-out 4pm

Wargame Campaign