A unique opportunity to "walk the battlefield in the morning, and wargame in the afternoon" .


A fully guided tour of the French Revolution in Mayenne, France by historian Matt Williamson. You then have the pleasure to wargame the battle of Entrammes in the 18th century  Salon de Guerre at L'hotel de Hercé.  



Visit & walk the battlefield sites of

  • La Croix-Bataille Oct 25th1793.
  • Entrammes Oct 26th1793.
  • Vendée Memorial, Basilica Notré Dame d'Avesnières.
  • Lunch in Laval Old Town.


After lunch we head back to L'Hotel de Hercé to Wargame the Battle of Entrammes using supurbly painted 28mm miniatures on a purpose built table, fully umpired.



After the Royal Catholic Army defeat at Cholet Oct 17th 1793, the retreat of 30,000 soldiers & up 60,000 refugees crossed the Loire River en-mass. Heading north arriving & retaking Laval 5 days later. General Westermann of the Advance Guard of the Republican Army of 4000 men gave chase. On the Oct 25th they reach Chateau Gontier, & he pushes his exhausted men onwards towards Laval. Advance warning by Chouan pickets, The Royal Catholic army advance from Laval and meet the Republicans at La Croix-Bataille. The Republicans lose 1,300 men & retreat to the village of Villiers-Charlemagne, General Léchelle leading the main body of the republican army joins them. He decides to immediately advance towards Laval with an army of now 25,000 men.

15 kilometres south of Laval the two armies clash at the Ouette river at Entrammes. 30,000 men of Royal Catholic & Chouan Army fiercely defend the river bridge. They defeat the Republicans leaving over 4,000 dead & wounded, their baggage train captured, along with19 cannons; close to half of their artillery. The Republican Army in defeat retreats south to Château Gontier, with Catholic Army cavalry aggressively giving chase recapturing the city. The Republicians lose further men & weapons until arriving to safety at Angers. General Léchelle was held to account for the defeat & huge losses, he died by suicide or was murdered while awaiting trial for the defeat.



Vendée Rebellion Tour+ Game

  • Bring your Partner to enjoy beautiful L'Hotel de Herce & Mayenne. French Wragame Holidays at L' Hotel de Hercé are designed for wargamers & partners to attend together.