As part of your stay ay L'Hotel de Hercé book Matt for a  Skirmish Game to played in the evening. 

A couple of hours of fun in the "Salon de Guerre" and chat with Matt about your favourite periods.

ideal for a evenings entertainment.


Wargaming Options include

28mm Ancients Celts, Republican Romans, Imperial Romans,  Late Romans, Alamani, Goths, Amoricans, Franks, Sassanids, Sarmations & Huns. Plus Gladatorial combat skirmish game and Naval

28mm Early Medieval  Goths, Bretons, Franks, Vikings, Normans. Plus Saga Normans, Bretons and Vikings.

28mm Medieval  Feudal Normans, French; Bretons & English. Plus Jousting Game 

28mm Late Medieval early and late 100 years war Bretons, French & English

28mm Rennaisance Bretons, French, English. Plus Rennaisance Naval

28mm Revolution to Empire Republican French, Royal Catholic Army, English -Napoleonic 1805-12 Imperial French, Austrians, Prussian, Russian & Napoleonic Naval English, Spanish & French. Plus Napoleonic naval

WW1 air combat

20mm WW2 1940 German, Dutch, Belgian, Polish & French -1944 German, American, English, Polish, French and Russian. Plus Air Combat

20mm Modern 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Egyptians, Syrians, Israeli - Warlords Africa 70s-80s  Warlord, UN - Cold War 85 Nato British, West German, American, Sweedish Warpac GDR, Polish, Russian. 

Space ships Star Wars 



Skirmish Wargame - Evening