Price per person includes 2 nights’ Accommodation + 2 Breakfast + half day Tour + Wargaming + Complimentary pre dinner drinks + morning & afternoon tea/coffee & a great time!

Non wargaming partners stay free

The history of Cesar in Gaul is a fascinating account of a clash of cultures & the imposing of Imperial might of Rome in Gaul (modern-day France). Mayenne region has a fantastic archaeological example with the arrival of the Romans at the beginning of the 1st century. Clashing with the 4th largest fortified Gaul city 'Oppidum' in France; 145-hectare site with double ramparts was located just 6 klm from the centre of ville Mayenne; the town of Moulay thrives on the location today. The new Roman town is established during the reorganization of the territory operated by Augustus. Over time the Moulay Oppidum is abandoned. The following century was a cycle of oppression and rebellion, decimating the populations of the Gauls from Normandy to Le Mans. You don’t need to stretch your imagination much to see ancient Noviodunum (The New Fortress), created in the heart of the Gaulish territory of the Aulerci Diaulitae. At the site of a Gallic sanctuary. Noviodunum appears around the 1st century AD. Peaking by 65AD but occupied as an important centre until the 4th century.

  • sophisticated Roman baths with hot and cold-water plunge pools
  • a vast tiered theatre built into a sloped embankment
  • a temple dedicated to worship
  • streets arranged in a perfect chequerboard pattern
  • The fortress, the purpose of the fortress was, for a long time unknown. Archaeologists have now determined it as a transit warehouse where goods levied as taxes and/or precious metals were temporarily stored.


Fri: Check in from 4pm

6pm: Welcome aperitifs and planning of the weekend wargames

Sat morning: Guided Tour-Jublains, Moulay & Chateau Mayenne

Lunch: Your choice

Afternoon: Wargames

6 - 7 pm complimentary predinner drinks in the salon

After diiner continu gaming or relax in the grand salon

Sun: 9am Gourmet breakfast 18thc salle à manger.

10am Wargames & for partners guided walking tour Mayenne historic centre

3pm pack up & afternoon tea

Late afternoon: Check out 4pm

Lunch & Dinners not included


3 Guest rooms available with Queen/ double beds.

Min 1 wargamer - Max 3 wargamers

Max 6 guests with partners

Romans & Gauls Wargames Weekend

  • Bonus only €80 suppliment for partner to stay if not wargaming

    Bring your Partner to enjoy beautiful L'Hotel de Herce & Mayenne for the the weekend. L' Hotel de Herce is special designed for wargamers & partners to attend together.