Romans in Gaul

Mayenne has remains of Gallic & Roman cultural landscapes. Moullay 6 Klm from Ville Mayenne is the location of the 4th largest Gallic 'Oppidum' in France.  Capital to the well documented tribe of the Aulerci Diablintes.  The origional 135-hectare site has surviving fragments of the outer & inner ramparts. The 12 hectare inner ramparts today form the village of Moulay. The Aulerci Diablintes, were part of the Gallic confederation clashing with Ceasars army  58-52 BC. Their defeat in 52BC by Titus Labenius saw the eventual collaspe of the Oppidum. In the 1st century AD, to consolidate Roman control a new regional capital Noviodunum was founded, surving in a suite of acrhaeological sites in the town of Jublians.


  • Moulay Oppidum, we walk the remains of the Gallic walls of the inner fortifications.
  • Jublians, we visit the Archaeological remains of the Roman city including
  • Roman bath complex under the catholic church. 
  • Roman ampitheatre 
  • Roman Temple built on a Gallic sacred spring.
  • Industrial tin ovens.
  • The forth century fortress, Archaeologists have now determined it as a transit warehouse where goods levied as taxes and/or precious metals were temporarily stored.
  • Archaeological  Museum Jublians exellent regional museum.
  • We drive the roman roads still used today giving an exceptional understanding of the active landscape of Gaul 2,000 years ago. 


We return to l'Hotel de Hercé to WarGame Titus Labenius victory of the Aulerci confederation, 28mm large battle.





Romans in Gaul

  • Bring your Partner to enjoy beautiful L'Hotel de Herce & Mayenne. French Wragame Holidays at L' Hotel de Hercé are designed for wargamers & partners to attend together.