Step back in time and experience the spectacle of a Napoleonic re-enacment day set in the grounds of Chateau Plessis-Bouré. A classic late 15th century chateau, surrounded by a large moat, a grand drawbridge and gatehouse, a great court yard and four enormous limestone towers sets the backdrop for this exciting event.


Splendid uniforms of the Napoleonic French Army, the old Gaurd, the colourful and dashing mounted Hussars,  and Chassuers, the queen of the battlefeild the great brass cannon. Careful the Military Gendarmes may arrest you if you stare in wonder at the chateau, an suspected Royalist perhaps! Full encampment and skirmishers with the Western Vendee Royalists.


Included, guided tour of the chateau, and entry to the event, any questions please contact Matt and Vanessa via email.

Napoleonic Day Chateau du Plessis-Bourré