Half Day

Introduction to wargaming with Matt Williamson

Welcome to table top historic miniature military Wargaming. Matt will introduce you to the gaming table & figures & explain the fascinating background to this visually fabulous gaming hobby. You will play a quick simple game. Played with the roll of a dice, you will take up the challenge & see if you change history of the outcome of a historic battle. A study in tactics, logic & strategic thinking. Most of all loads of fun. Played on the top a large table with full set of miniature armies perfect in historical detail. Discover French history as never before. Will you choose Julius Cesar against the Gaul’s, French Revolution Rebellions or the DDay invasions armies against the Germans? All history on the doorstep of l'Hotel de Hercé and Mayenne. A unique way to spend a relaxing afternoon on your holiday.


Introduction to Military Wargames