Relaxing Day Tour

Depart L'Hotel de Hercé late morning for our drive into Brittany 1 hour.

On arriving at the Gardens we will stop for a wonderfu lunch

 Le café Casse-Graine  The Gault et Millau guide awarded a chef's hat with a score of 12/20: - "Let us applaud the know-how of Stéphane Galon who makes it a point of honor to choose his products from the best local and regional suppliers (vegetables are particularly exceptional)". Simple and tasty cuisine at unbeatable prices.

The cost of lunch in not included in tour price. 

Then some time to browes the shop & Garden Centre, then

Into the gardens to explore and be amazed.

The circuit takes between 2-3 hours as we move through an international landscapes of gardens; it is wonderful for photography. 

25 hectare floral & botanical park acclimatizes essences from all continents in 24 contemporary thematic gardens ... "inspired by poems, travel memories or the history of gardens, ... this dream park, this labyrinth of pleasure ... is open to the disarming beauty of the Breton landscape. The diversity of plants, flowers and viewpoints offers the visitor an eternally exotic walk of charm. " 

March- twenty-four botanical gardens offer the wonder of the revival, the beautiful blooms of a collection of 500 varieties of camellias, many magnolias, prunus ... without forgetting ellebores, narcissus, the Crocuses
April- the magic of colors operates with azaleas, tree of fire of the Chile, American cornus: Pacific nuttallii and florida
May-offers the grand spectacle of rhododendrons, of cornus kousa Asian ... but also, perennial flowerbeds where to point the bouquets of roses
June- the charm of old roses and its collections of bog, philadelphus, stewartias  

July- ethereal blue hydrangeas & agapanthus

August- the alchemy of light works wonders on crocosmias, echinacea

September- the romanticism of the landscape seduces

October-November, the blaze of autumn foliage of Japanese maples is a great spectacle with a multitude of other species: stewartias, lagerstroemias, bald cypresses, ginkgos biloba

Winter- Alternate bright & gray mornings, the stripped plants covered in frost or their mantle of snow,  creates still beautiful sculptural landscapes. 

We were transported into another world when we visited for the first time, begining with a French Water garden, The majesty of the Bamboo Forest think of the film, with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, the Japanese Garden and landscape. Plus much more, this series of gardens are created on a a majestic scale  within the once grounds of a Chateau. This may not be what you think of when visiting France, but we feel its in our top ten to visit. 

Haute Bretagne Botanical Park