2000 years of the history on our doorstep in Mayenne.

Walk the streets with the Gauls & Romans in Jublains . Life in rural Noviodunum 1st century AD had baths, theatres & temples. Saint Suzanne  "Most beautiful villages in France". Drive down the roman roads to the town of Evron grown around the 9thc Romanesque monastry.  A day full of our personal favorites, with extras to share on our way.  

  • Jublains Gallic Roman town excavated from under the medieval & current town buildings. We will visit the archaeological excavated Baths found under the floor of the Archaeology Museum & Fortress, Medieval church, Temple complex & Amphitheater. 

  • Jublains Museum world class small museum, displays of the recent excavations Gaul & Roman life 2,000 years ago.  Metal items & coins, pottery, jewellery, votive offerings, Villa & temple remains. 

  • Saint Suzanne one of the most beautiful villages in France. A historically important classic fortified medieval hill Top town with rare Norman period Medieval fortress & 18thc Chateau. 

  • Chez Denis Bistro trading since the late 1800s is our recommendation for lunch .

  • We head down from the high town into the river valley that twists & turns around Saint Suzanne. We visit the historic water mill walk, a pathway of natural beauty that winds its way around the tiny stone water mills that line part of the valley streams below the chateau walls. 

  • William the Conquer's Seige Camp, yes that William! We visit the massive dramatic earth works of the historic seige camp where William the Bastard layed seige to Saint Suzanne 900 years ago. This was one siege he did not win.  Has to be seen to believed. 

  • Evron Romanesque & High Gothic Basicilia l& 18thc monastery. Stunning periods of architecture, Viking carved capitals, side chapel with tapestry's & breathtaking early romanesque side chapel c.800, with frescoed half dome apse. We can relax in the town centre enjoy a coffee or beer & soak in the majesty. 

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