From 383 to 600s commences a cycle of change in the power block of the Empire of Rome, the slow depletion of legions from the Western Provinces leads to the collapse and final withdrawal of Rome from Roman Provinces- Gaul & Britain.

The period is defined by new movements of peoples and rise of new dynamic power blocks. The Syagrian and their city of Soissons are the last attested representative of Gallo-Roman power in North Gaul.

Harassed by the northern Germanic peoples in the framework of the 406 Great Invasions. In 511 the Franks sack the capital and the conquered territory divided between the sons of Clovis. The Syagrian people do survive, but as a large patrician family cited in 7-8thc sources participating in regional power.

Other movements of people are the tribes southern England; united by their Brittonic language, escaping the waves of invasion by the Angles Jutes & Saxons. They flee across the water to mainland Europe settling Amorica (Brittany), then expanding into Pays de Loire. Clashes between the Franks and new Bretons marks the regions history as they fight for control, settling on a frontier the Bretons continuously defend and challenge over the next 800 years. The Goths from Eastern Europe settle into the lower Loire. The most powerful and dominate force to rise and fill the vacuum of left by the Romans are The Franks!

The Franks were Germanic tribes who change the culture and face of western and northern Europe. First recorded as Frankish Kings in the Roman army of northern Gaul. By 509 the Frankish dynasty of the Merovingians unite all the Franks and northern Romans Gauls under one rule. They conquer most of Gaul, defeat the Visigoths (507), the Burgundians (534), extending their rule into Raetia (537). In Germania, the Alemanni, Bavaria, and Saxons submit to them as overlords. The Frankish Merovingian dynasty rules the largest most powerful state of western Europe following the fall of the Western Roman Empire. From this dynasty emerges the Carolingians.

Wargmes include Franks clashes with the Bretons

Franks v Visgoths

Romans v Visigoths


Fall of Rome Rise of Franks 28mm