Carolingian Franks - Vikings - & Bretons 799-1180


In 799 the first raids of western Francia occur along the sea ports and up the great rivers of the west. In 841 the Danish Viking Oscher raided the Seine, burning and pillaging Rouen, he was followed by Ragnor Lodbrok in 845 who manage to pillage all the way along the Seine and finally pillage Paris, they depart after a sme of 7000 pounds of Silver is paid in ransom, the vikings continue the raids pillaging Paris 856, 857, 866, 876, ad finally in 885-88.

In 911 after a unsucessful attempts to sack both Chartes and Paris, Rollo (Hrólfr)  inherits the Carolingian charge of Jarl de Normandy, Comes (Count) Rothomagensis , Count of Rouen or Marchiones , Marquis de Seine, changing the face of France forever. 

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