Caesars Gallic Wars Wargames

 Using exquisitely painted 28mm Gallic and Roman armies on purpose built terrain 

Options for tabletop large Games all in 28mm using Impetus rules.

  1. Full day wargaming
  2. Guided morning tour of Moulay, city and museum of Jublians, lunch break then afternoon wargame.
  3. Full weekend campaign, includes evening game, full day tour to Moulay, city and museum of Jublians, Roman fortifications of Quintus Titurius Sabinus* and game, and second full day of gaming. 
  4. Weekend Options include;
  •  Republican or Imperial Roman armies vs Gauls
  • 1/1200 Naval Gallic Roman game
  •  Gladiatorial skirmish game
  • Bonus full colour campaign guide 56BC or 52BC or 21AD


*Seasonal openings for museums and some sites, please contact us regarding planning the campaign weekend.

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The Romans in Western Gaul 

Ancient lands of Gaul in Western Europe, date to the 5th to 1stc BC, a vast region 494,000sq k. Gaul was inhabited by independent culturally Celtic tribal groups living in the countryside, villages, and large defensive walled towns functioning as regional capitals. From the 2nd - 1st BC, the constantly expanding empire of Rome set its eyes on Gaul, with its vast fertile agricultural lands........Continued in The Romans in Western Gaul 


Caesar Gallic Wars in 28mm