We have chosen two contrasting chateaus for your tour, the first- Chateau Fougères in the heart of a medieval town, the second Chateau Rocher Portail nestled in the green countryside of Brittany.

          Chateau Fougères is a vast medieval stronghold dating from 11thc. The location close to the borders of Mayenne & Normandy saw Fougères prosper as a merchant town trading cloth, pottery & produce from Normandy the Loire and of course Brittany.

After a Breton lunch we travel to beautiful Chateau Rocher Portail built in the late 16thc.  A rare example of a renaissance Chateau, in continous private ownership until 5 years ago. The suite of interiors are very special; known as the Downton Abbey of Brittany. You can visit the salons, chapel, bedrooms, kitchens, servants’ quarters; everything left as close to origional as possible!

If visiting us in high season, ask us about the candle light summer nights openings. They are very special occasions.

  • Fougeres Gardens; We begin with an exceptional panoramic view of the Chateau & medieval. The gardens are set across 3 levels of the towns old ramparts & next to the 15thc St Leonards Church.  
  • Chateau Fougeres; For 1000 years Chateau Fougères defended the frontier of independent Brittany against English Normandy; ever ready to expand across her borders. Then French Anjou & Maine constantly attempting control over Brittany. For 500 yrs. the Chateau evolved, with ever new innovative defences. Today Fougères is the largest medieval fortress in Europe in this state of conservation, archetypal of the architecture of the 2nd half of the Middle Ages.
  • Lunch - Fougères we recommend your try traditional Breton Galettes; savoury buckwheat pancakes, choose from 3 great local restaurant next to the chateau.
  • After lunch we travel to the Rocher Portail and unique moated renaissance chateau set with deep grren countryside.  Tour the original 17th 18th & 19thc original interiors, some rooms locked up & sealed for 100s of years. See the servant rooms in the roof & kitchens below. This chateau is a very special favourite of ours.
  • We will take time for a sunny afternoon tea break at the Chateau Cafe in the outer courtyard. 

Day Tour Taste of Brittany