We frequently are asked by guests, to tour Bayeux & the famous Tapestry. Although 2 hours’ drive into Normandy, we have now added this to our offerings of guided tours. A UNESCO listed item of world heritage significance. A 68 meters long, 1000-year-old embroidery in wool on Linen. A extraordinary survivor, & early political propaganda legitimatizing William the Conquers claim to the English throne. William famously won the throne after invading England & killing King Harold with an arrow in the eye, during the now famous Battle of Hastings. Little is known about the origins of the tapestry. Thought to have been commissioned by his brother Bishop Odo of Bayeux. Made to be made to hung around the walls of a stone banqueting hall, on special occasions when the King William was present. This is our second Guided Tour featuring William the Conquer as he was a dramatic presence in the history of Medieval Mayenne.


  • An early 8 am departure for our scenic drive into Normandy.
  • On arrival we will walk into the heart of medieval Bayeux to the 18thc monastery now museum which displays the Bayeux Tapestry.
  • After our visit will tour the museum with evolving exhibition on the history of the tapestry
  • Lunch in one of the lovey Bayeux Restaurants. We can recommend a special Michelin Star restaurant if you wish to make the day an extra special experience. Ask when you book so we can make a reservation. Price not included in tour.
  • Tour the high Gothic Bayeux Cathedral and visit the earlier Romanesque Crypt with some surviving rare wall frescos. The Cathedral was built by Bishop Odo brother of William the Conquer.
  • Visit the Lace workers shop and cooperative where Norman ladies can often be found making traditional French lace. A lovey place to buy a special souvenir to take home.
  • Walking tour of the old town with half-timbered buildings and lovey shops. A special favourite is the late 1898 patisserie 'A La Rein Matilde'.
  • Then back to car for a relaxing drive to Mayenne.

This is a lovey relaxing day, one we always enjoy and well worth trip. Perfect for out of high season visiting.

                              Single supliment of €40  is applicable due to driving time

Day Tour Bayeux Tapestry & Cathedral

  • Depart from L'Hotel de Herce, return travel in private car, museum entry & Guide a qualified Archaeologist & Medieval Historian  Vanessa Williamson. Lunch is not included in tour price. Maxium of 6 guests.