Vikings in Maine 866Battle of Brissarthe 

A unique opportunity to "walk the battlefield in the morning, wargame it in the afternoon"

A fully guided tour of the battlefield of Brissarthe by historian Matt Williamson. On returning to L'Hotel de Hercé we  wargame the battle of Brissarthe in the 18th century Salon de Guerre at l'Hotel de Hercé.


  • Brissarthe Battlefield tour 
  • Notre Dame de Brissarthe 
  • Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe monument to Robert le Fort
  • Lion d'Angers lunch


After lunch we return to L'Hotel de Hercé, we wargame the battle of Brissarthe using supurbly painted 28mm miniatures on a purpose built table. This game is a skirmish game


In 866 , the Breton king Solomon allied with the Dane Hasting (Hásteinn) for an expedition against Anjou , Maine , and Touraine. The city of Le Mans was ransacked, returning to their longships with loot they are caught by the mounted troops of Robert le Fort Count of Anjou, Ramnulf 1st of Poitiers, and Angoulême Émenon de Poitiers. The Vikings and Bretons retreat to the stone buildings surrounding a church.  The Franks wait for their foot troops, but during the night the Vikings sally out kill Robert Count of Anjou and wound Ramnulf Count of Pointers, the surviving med from Anjou-Maine men retreat leaving the field to the Vikings.

Primary Sources 

Regino of Prüm- Chronicon History of the world book 2 

Annales Bertiniani (or Annals of Saint Bertin)


Battle of Brissarthe

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