Two full days

Fully guided tour of the 100 years war battlefield of  Baugé, Maine et Loire by historian Matt Williamson.

  • One full day Guided Tour
  • One full day wargaming

We wargame the Battle of Baugé using 28mm miniatures on a purpose built table in the salon de Guerre at l'Hotel de Hercé.


  • Baugé battlefield walk
  • Église Saint-Symphorien at Vieil-Baugé memorial.
  • Lunch break
  • Chateau Baugé Museum


            There are several accounts of the Battle of Baugé; they vary in detail.  Most agree that principal factor the Franco-Scottish victory was determined by the rashness of the Duke of Clarence. Clarence did not know the size of the Franco-Scottish. Relying on the element of surprise, and immediately attack, Clarence with about 1500 mounted men-at-arms , virtually no archers, charged the Franco-Scottish lines.

             The Scots rallied hastily, and they met in battle as Clarence attempted to cross the bridge. A 100 Scottish archers, under Sir Robert Stewart of Ralston and reinforced by the retinue of Hugh Kennedy, held the bridge and prevented passage long enough for the Earl of Buchan to rally the rest of his army.

             When Clarence forced his way across the bridge, he was confronted by the main body of the Franco-Scottish army.  The men-at-arms dismounted and  well defended by the Scottish archers. There are several versions of how Clarence met his death,

  • Bower cites, the Scottish knight Sir John Swinton wounded the prince in the face,
  • Alexander Buchanan is credited with killing the Duke with his mace and holding the dead Duke's coronet aloft on his lance in triumph.
  • Another version stated Alexander Macausland of Lennox, was responsible for Clarence's demise,
  • French chronicler Georges Chastellain has the Duke killed by a Frenchman.

Later on in the day, probably in the evening, decisive action was taken by Salisbury, who, having succeeded in bringing up the English archers, used a contingent of them to rescue what was left of the English force from the village and retrieve some of the bodies of the fallen, including that of Clarence. 

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 Tour not availabe Dec to Mid Feb as Chateau Baugé is closed, war game can still be booked

Single Person supliment may apply for guest travelling alone 



Battle of Baugé 100yr War