Chateau Angers fortress c.1230, built  by Blanche of Castile & her son Saint Louis.  Famous for its massive 17 tower ramparts, nearly half a kilometer long, with their decorative bands of shale & limestone. The Chateau Museum features the 1375; Duke Louis Ist of Anjou, Apocalypse Tapestry. Originally 140 meters long, 100m of is preserved;  extraordinary &  unique Medieval textile. 

Departing L'Hotel de Hercé we drive 1 hour to beautiful town of Chateau Gontier

  • Chateau Gontier- 18thc neighbourhood walk
  • Le Bistro- We pause for a moring coffee at this famous brasserie, with beautiful origional Art Nouveau interior & decorative tiles. 

Then 50min drive to our destination Angers

  • Catherdral Saint Maurice d'Angers & petite treasury
  • Musée Beau art d' Angers - Mansion Logis Barrault built 1486. Collections of 350 paintings & sculptures from 14thc to present.  The History of Angers collection; 550 archaeological artifacts, Neolithic times to present.
  • Lunch break in local brasserie
  • Jean Lurçat Contemporary Tapestry Museum- Hôpital Saint-Jean, stunning 12thc architecture, opened in 1968 to showcase artist Jean Lurçat (1957-1966), a contemporary of Piccasso. 
  • Chateau Angers- The château of Angers featuring archaeological remains, a royal fortress, ducal buildings from the late Middle Ages.
  • Chapel & Royal House- 14th and 15th centuries the Dukes of Anjou held court in Angers. Enlightened princes & patrons of the arts and architecture, their château suggests how refined court life was.
  • Ramparts & Towers The ramparts, measuring around half a kilometre in lengt, feature 17 shale and limestone towers, a fortress’ to dissuade potential attack.
  • The Tapestrys of the Apocalypse- The unique 14thc tapestry cycle illustrates the text of Saint John, the last book of the Bible. The new stunning purpose built gallery guarantees optimal conditions of conservation allowing the vunerable texiles to be viewed.

Single supliment of €40 is applicable due to the driving time. 

Day Tour Angers & Duke of Anjou