Accompanying partners -Stay Free not inclusive of tours

  • 4 night Twin Share Bed & Breakfast for up to 2 people
  • 1 Full Day Private Guided Day Tour of both Chateau Fougères & exploring the extensive ruins of Chateau Saint Aubin du Cormier, and the last stand battlefield.  A unique oppoprtunity to visit and walk the actual medieval border fortresses that defended the Bretagne frontier against the French.
  • 1 Full Day of Wargaming
  • Half Day Tour to Vitré + Half day Wargaming

A unique opportunity to "walk the battlefield in the morning, and wargame in the afternoon"


A fully guided tour of Brittany’s last opportunity to be independent by historian Matt Williamson. You will then have the pleasure to wargame the battle of Saint-Aubin-du Cormier in the 18th century Salon de Guerre, at l'Hotel de Hercé.

Tour. Day 1

  • Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier is a ruined medieval fortified chateau destroyed at the end of 1480 to prevent it ever being occupied again. We explore the full extent of ruins. See our video in the attached photographs.
  • We walk Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier battlefield and memorial located on the very road where the fierce fighting of the last major stand for Breton independence happened. An amazing testimony to the imbedded cultural independence of the Bretons that is still evident today.
  • Lunch traditional Breton Buckwheat Galettes.
  • Visit Chateau Fougères the largest most intact Medieval fortified Chateau in France. An amazing comparison to the tree covered ruins at Saint Aubin du Comer. You will climb the towers and walk the extensive ramparts and buildings. You will understand why it was so coveted by the English, the Normans and the French Dukes of Anjou.

Day 2. Full Day Wargame

We play using superbly painted miniatures specific to the Breton Mad War, on a table terrain exactly as the field of battle in the 18th Century "Salon de Guerre" at L’Hotel de HercéDay 3 Half Day Tour Vitré

Day 3. Half Day Tour

Departing from L'Hotel de Hercé we drive to the Brittany border to stunning Medieval Vitré. Steeped in history, you will explore the ramparts, 500-year-old medieval streets lined with textile merchant houses & climb the towers into the living areas of the wonderful fairy tale chateau.

  • Walk the medieval town, see the soaring half-timbered textile merchant houses, the street named after the Leather Workers Guild. Chateau Ramparts. Everywhere you look is a great photo opportunity.
  • Chateau Vitré - We cross the working drawbridge to pass into the heart of the chateau. The soaring St Laurent Tower spiral staircase is our entry into another world to explore the museum’s collections & ramparts.
  • We lunch at classic French brasserie

Return Mayenne

Day 3. Half Day Wargame

We play using superbly painted miniatures specific to the Breton Mad War, we refight the siege of Fougères in on a table terrain exactly as the field of battle in 1488. We wargame in the 18th Century "Salon de Guerre" at l’Hotel de Hercé.


Enjoy daily fabulous Hercé breakfast, complimentary room upgrade if available. Complimentary drinks with your hosts. Accompanying partners stay Free, we recommend adding your partner to the tour of Vitré.

Laval TGV Train transfers available.

Does not include lunch or dinners or site entrance fees




1488 Fall of the Bretagne