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Accommodation+ Breakfast & lunch+ Guided Day Tours + Wargames + Complimentary pre-dinner drinks


The 100 years’ War decimated France between 1337 & 1453, as French & English claimants to French Crown fought to establish their right to legitimate succession. They fought for dominance through control of land & forced allegiance of the Dukes of the fortified Chateaus. Allegiances demanded through costly sieges & occasional pitch fighting on the battlefield.

The region of Maine (today Mayenne) was predominantly allied to the French crown & was hotly contested by the English as their control expanded over time. Mayenne was the gateway between the English controlled Normandy & Aquitaine. The battle for control of Mayenne had three phases of intensity. 1. The Breton War of Succession split allegiances in the region, 2. Earl of Buckingham’s chevauchee through Maine. These were long devastating raids over 100s of klm, on a front several kilometers long. To achieve easy glory, recover booty & ruin the rich territory providing the King of France with financial  resources to man & feed his army.   3. The Victory Period & reconquest. Several Chateaus subject to dramatic sieges survive today on our doorstep. Four of the most famous French lords of the 100 years’ War had their birth place in Maine, two marshals of France and two companions of the Jean d’Arc.


  • Welcome to L'Hotel de Herce your check is from 3 pm
  • Complimentary welcome pre dinner drinks in the salon 6.00 7pm
  • Choose one of Mayenne Restaurants for your dinner we can make reservations for you.


  • Breakfast in a Salle a Manger
  • Guided Day Tour - We begin our tour at Chateau Laval home of the Counts of Laval, the Montmorency-Montfort-Laval-family. This family is heavily involved in the shaping of Brittany and Western France for generations up until the French Revolution.
  • Battlefield of La Brossinière, the first complete French victory in the west, where the future Marshal of France André de Laval-Montmorency (Lohéac) is knighted.
  • Chateau Vitré, the border fortress of Brittany and Maine, controlled by the Lords of Laval, a fairy-tale chateau and medieval town.
  • Lunch in an excellent Vitré Brasserie,
  • Medieval Town walking tour
  • Chateau Vitré Tour
  • Return to Mayenne to Wargame The battle of la Brossinière, t
  • Complimentary Pre dinner drinks
  • From 7.30 dinner in a local restaurant of your choice


  • 7am Early breakfast in Salle a Manger
  • Battle of Baugé - Greatest French victory of 100 Years War. We begin our day with a drive to Vieil-Baugé
  • Tour the battle locations of the church, bridge, water mill and battlefield,
  • We will stop for a great local lunch
  • Baugé-en-Anjou Chateau muséum,
  • We drive home via the road to Durtal to view the impressive chateau on the river


  • Breakfast in salle a manger
  • Day at L' Hotel de Herce Wargaming Baugé or Ponvallion /Vass
  • Group dinner out on the River Mayenne at Beau Rivage (price not included)


  • Breakfast in Salle a Manger
  • Guided day Tour 100 Years’ War Chateaus of Maine a fantastic day touring rarely visited locations of the 100 years’ War. We have put together for you a special whirlwind Tour of the key 100 years’ War Chateaus in the region. You will be stunned at the dynamic landscape of Medieval fortified chateaus in our region.
  • Chateau Mayenne
  • Oisseau & Ambrieres les Valleys –
  • Chateau Bois Thibaut near Lassay
  • Château Lassay
  • Saint Suzanne & Chateau
  • Chateau Sille le Guillaume.


  • Late breakfast breakfast in Salle a Manger
  • Time to bid you all farewell & late check out by midday


100 Years War Holiday