Battle of La Brossinière

1423 September the French nobility of the west take advantage of a good opportunity to join forces to attack Lord William Pole of Normandy, as his slow heavy entourage returns from Anjou overladen with booty from his annual destructive raids. The French nobles and commoners alike put aside personal feuds and grievances in a collective desire for revenge. The sources for this history provide a dazzling account of a serious battle with vivid descriptions of the armies, tatics, weaponary, and landscape. Enabling us to clearly picture this event.

Half Day Tour

  • La Gravelle we tour the old kings road
  • La Brossinière walk the battlefield,  where the future Marshal of France the young André de Laval-Montmorency (Lohéac) is knighted.


After lunch we return to wargame the battle of  La Brossinière using superbly painted miniatures on a purpose built table. 

Historical context

La Brossinière 1423 In the 8 years after the dreadful losses of the French nobility at Agincourt the French struggled to regroup amidst the entanglement of the politics of the Kings of France and England, the divided loyalties and dual claims to the crowns and titles of nobility.  The 1421 battle of Baugé sees the French-Scottish army defeat the English; the first English defeat in a pitched battle since 1415. The consequences are twofold:  giving hope to the Dauphin, and strengthening his relationship with the Duke of Brittany Jean V. Secondly the western nobility of Tours, Angers, Mayenne, and Laval unite against the annual devastating raiding of Anjou by Lord William Pole of Normandy, his greed and arrogance in fact are part of his downfall. The French nobility plan a well-coordinated battle & tactical strategy resulting in a dramatic victory of their lesser army, who destroys Lord William Poles forces. This sent shock waves through the English and was for decades to come, considered a good omen for new reign of French King Charles VII. Moving the 100 years’ war towards the next phase of the battles of  Jean de Arc.   

Battle of La Brossinière

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