French, English, Bretons, Scots

            The 100 Years War decimated France between 1337 & 1453, as French & English claimants to French Crown fought to establish their right to legitimate succession. They sought dominance through control of land & forced allegiance of the Castilians of the fortified Chateaus. Allegiances demanded through costly sieges & occasional pitch fighting on the battlefield.

           The region of Maine (today Mayenne) was predominantly allied to the French crown & was hotly contested by the English. English control had continued to expanded over time, and Mayenne was the gateway between their  lands in Normandy and Aquitaine. The battle for control of Maine had three phases of intensity. The Breton War of Succession is opening phase, splitting allegiances in the region.

The second stage was defined the total war of Earl of Buckingham’s chevauchee through Maine. 

The third stage is the French reconquest and Joan of Arc the most famous militant of this period.  

Several Chateaux subject to these dramatic sieges survive today on our doorstep. Saint Suzanne, Chateau Lassay, Chateau Laval, Chateau Mayenne, Chateau Vitré in Brittany allied to Maine. Some of the most famous French lords of the 100 Years War had their birthplace in Maine, two marshals of France and two companions of the Joan de Arc.

100 Years War 28mm