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Wargame French military history from the regions of historic Maine - Pays de Loire, Brittany and Normandy. Wargames Battles sites with  Guided Tours, walk the history, Wargame the battles in Hercé Salon de Guerre.  French Wargames Holidays offers a unique wargaming history immersion experience, I love it, previous guests left rave reviews, you will not be disappointed. Choose your periods & rule sets, chat with Matt, pick your dates, book and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, and your wife will love it too. 

  • Ancients

    Cesar's Gallic Wars in 28mm

    Ancient lands of Gaul in Western Europe, date to the 5th to 1stc BC, a vast region 494,000sq k. Gaul was inhabited by independent culturally Celtic tribal groups living in the countryside, villages, and large defensive walled towns functioning as regional capitals. From the 2nd - 1st BC, the constantly expanding empire of Rome set its eyes on Gaul, with its vast fertile agricultural lands........Continued in

  • Fall of Rome

     Fall of Rome Rise of the Franks 28mm

    383 to 600s  The slow depletion of legions from the Western Provinces leads to the collapse and final withdrawal of Rome from Roman Provinces- Gaul & Britain.
    In 511 the Franks sack the capital and the conquered territory divided between the sons of Clovis.  Clashes between the Franks and new Bretons marks the regions history The Goths from Eastern Europe settle into the lower Loire. The most powerful and dominant force to rise and fill the vacuum of left by the Romans are The Franks

  • Dark Ages 

    Viking Age in 28mm Carolingian Franks-Vikings- Bretons 799-1180

    From 799 Viking raids commence along the west coast and following up the Siine & Loire Rivers. In 841 the Danish Viking Oscher raided up the Seine, burning and pillaging Rouen.  In 845 Ragnor Lodbrok pillage all the way along the Seine to Paris. Departing after a ransom of 7000 pounds of Silver is paid. Raiding continues  Paris 856, 857, 866, 876, ad finally in 885-88.

    In 911 after Rollo attempt to sack Chartres and Paris, Rollo inherits the Carolingian charge of Jarl de Normandy, Comes  Rothomagensis , Count of Rouen or Marchioness, Marquis de Seine, changing the face of France forever. 

  • Medieval France 

    Plantagenet v Capetian War 28mm

    1159 to 1259 Capetians and Angevin-Plantagenets. A dynastic clash between Capetians focused on seizing control of all Angevin-Plantagenet land and titles. The complex dynastic wars fought from the southern Spanish alliances to  the northern Holy Roman Empire. embroiling all  early medieval powerful  counties and dukedoms . Bonded through feudal fidelity to overlords. L’Hotel de Hercé is in the heart of the conflict. Laval, Saint Suzanne and Mayenne the power centres of the Count of Maine. In 1133 Henri II was born in Le Mans the capital of Maine, the city  acted as a buffer zone between Normandy, Brittany, Anjou, Blois and Touraine.  

  • 100 Years War 

    French, English, Bretons, Scots 28mm 1337 & 1453

    French & English claimants to the French Crown seek power through control of land & forced allegiance of Castilians through sieges &  battle.

    The region of Maine (today Mayenne) was predominantly allied to the French crown & was hotly contested by the English. Mayenne was the gateway between the English lands of Normandy and Aquitaine. 

    • The Breton War of Succession 

    • War of Earl of Buckingham 

    • French reconquest; Joan of Arc.

    The seiged Chateaux of Mayenne  still survive today; Saint Suzanne, Chateau Lassay, Chateau Laval, Chateau Mayenne, Chateau Vitré in Brittany

  • Breton Mad War

    The Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier 28mm

    Brittany, Burgundy, and England resist the expansion of the French state. After the death of Charles the Bold Brittany became the centre for resistance to the French. By 1488 Duke Francis was weakened by internal conflicts, as he sort alliances to secure independence for Brittany. By protecting French rebel lord Louis d'Orleans, the King French demanded the return of the lord, asserting that they had the right to take them by force and so it began. The Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier took place on 28 July 1488, between the forces of King Charles VIII of France, and those of Francis II, Duke of Brittany, and his allies. The defeat of the latter signalled the end to the Mad war', a feudal conflict as French aristocrats revolted against French royal power during the regency of Anne de Beaujeu.

  • Revolution 

    Vendee rebellion in the West  in 28mm  Battle of Entrammes Oct  1793

    In the west, the French Revolution was defined by the rebellion of the Royal Catholic Armies v the Republicans. 

    In 1793 the Royal Catholic Army suffered a huge defeat at Cholet retreating with 30,000 soldiers &  60,000 refugees, and the dramatic crossing of the Loire River. Heading north they retake their city of Laval. The Republican General Westermann and advance Guard of 4000 men gave chase. Chouan spies warn the Royal Catholic army, they meet the Republicans at La Croix-Bataille. The Republicans lose 1,300 men & retreat. Republican reinforcements arrive with General Léchelle, regrouping they advance to Laval with  25,000 men.

    The two armies clash at Entrammes. 30,000 men of the Royal Catholic & Chouan Army defeat the Republicans leaving  4,000 dead & wounded, and capturing the baggage train and 19 cannons.

  • Napoleonic Wars 28mm

    From Skirmish to Grand Battle Full Day to Full Weekend Campaign Games

    Where my Wargaming passion all began. 

  • WW2 in France

    in 20mm

     DDay Americans Canadians and British, and the Breakouts

    • Patton's Breakout,

    • Falaise Pocket,

    • Pegasus Bridge,

    • Mortain,

    • Battle for Mayenne

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