L'Hotel de Hercé Mission Statement includes an  Environmental Policy.

This means we make choices  based on reducing the impact of our business on the  enviroment. You will see this in a few small ways during your stay with us. 

During COVID-19 we will endevor to maintain as many of our policys as possible 

Parked Car


Our car for Hotel transfers

&  Guided Touring is a Hybrid Renault


  • Our garden is glyphosate free

  • Compost kitchen waste

  • Use natural fertilizers 

  • Encourage native birds 

Sparkling Water

  • Sparkling water is made from Mayenne water & a soda stream.

  • We limit single-use plastic & glass bottles.


Central Heating

L'Hotel de Hercé is heated by and effecient hydronic system on town natural gas. 



In house, laundry uses Savon Marseilles pure soap, natural vegetable base, no fragrance, no colouring, chemicals or bleach. 


  • Coffee is made via an Espresso machine, Press or Filter methods. All coffee waste is composted.

  • No plastic coffee pods are used. 

Fragrance Bottles


  • Minimum single-use plastics

  • Guest toiletries refillable & recyclable

  • No coffee pods

Domestic Waste Bin


All kitchen waste is composted in the back garden and used on our garden beds.  

paper recycling


All paper, plastic, glass & metals are sorted & recycled