Republic of France  

Corona Virus 2020 Lockdown

Link to French Government Travel Directives 

Fri 27th March 2020 French Prime Minister (Link to France24 News) Édouard Philippe announced  an extension of a nationwide lockdown in an effort to stem a surge in coronavirus cases across France.  Extension of Lockdown untill Wednesday April 15th, when it will be reviewed.  


16 March 2020, the President of the Republic of France  decided measures to reduce contact and travel to the minimum throughout the whole of France, from 12PM on Tuesday 17 March 2020, for at least two weeks. Travel will be allowed, with proof, only to:

  • travel from home to work only if working at home is not possible;

  • shop for basic necessities in authorized local shops;

  • visit health professionals;

  • travel for childcare and to help vulnerable people - but only while strictly respecting advice on barrier measures;

  • take exercise, individually, close to home and with no gathering of people.

L'Hotel de Herce

Update from Vanessa and Matt Williamson

For the duration of the Lockdown L'Hotel de Hercé will respond as directed by the French Government,and will not be open to guests.  We are self Isolating here, and restricting our outings for shopping, and any contact with others. As soon as the Lockdown is lifted we will reopen .  If you have any concerns about your upcoming holiday, or travel plans later in the year please contact us by email or FB messenger, or Whats App  and we will assit in any way we can. 

In the mean time we are working away on projects here behind our gates, Matt has planted 120 new spring bulbs into our garden, we are in daily correspondance with our friends and our families in Australia. We are enjoying a 5pm virtual Happy Hour video call link upwith friends. This is a fun way to stay connected. We are still posting news and updates on our FB pages, so don't forget to check in and say hi. If you would like to recieve our quaterly Newsletter updating you on our news and events and products pop over to our  Contact Us  page and subscribe. 

We both hope to see you very soon, and take care

Vanessa and Matt Williamson